(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

The local Tory Party in Clacton is in furious meltdown after their MP Douglas Carswell’s announcement that he’s defecting to UKIP.

Here are just a few of the choice words about Carswell on the Clacton Tory activists’ Facebook Page:

  • Carswell “needs to pay” for his “desertion”:

clacton 1

  • Carswell is a “traitor” and should be “trodden under foot”:

clacton 2

  • Carswell “betrayed” the Tory Party:

clacton 4

  • Strangle him and “dump” his body in the sea:

clacton 5

  • UKIP are socialists. F*cking ones:

clacton 6

  • And no better than the IRA:

clacton 3


Get the popcorn out – because this dust up between UKIP and the Tories is going to be a cracker.

Unless you’re a Tory of course. In which case it’s just going to be very, very painful.


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