The majority of Britons would support sending David Cameron’s entire cabinet of ministers into Iraq and a similar percentage would support air dropping Nick Clegg onto the front lines from a high altitude to support British involvement in humanitarian efforts,

In a ComRes poll for ITV News, a mere 13% of British people opposed the idea of dispatching the chancellor George Osborne alongside the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Iain Duncan Smith to fight brutal ISIS militia forces in northern Iraq, while a massive 84% agreed with air dropping boxes containing Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander and the Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt onto Mount Sinjar to aid refugees trapped there.

Brits were also found to be more likely to support than oppose deploying the Prime Minister David Cameron on a long-term mission into Iraq to personally fight against Islamic State militants, with as many as 45% in favour of shipping him over there for a long-term deployment of as long as is f*cking possible.


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