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Trying to decide whether to support ISRAEL, HAMAS, the US or ISIS? Check out our handy guide!

Having trouble deciding whether you hate ISIS or ISRAEL more?

Don’t worry – help is at hand.

You’re not alone in thinking that the responsibilities of choosing to support one side over the other can be overwhelming at times, but there are a variety of ways to learn about the process of choosing which one of the two brutal massacres of civilians you ignore – and which you are publicly appalled and shocked by.

If you are leaning toward hating either ISIS or ISRAEL more but can’t decide if it’s the right move to make now, then you may want to consult some professionals before you decide to support one or the other.

That’s why before you make such an important move as declaring your support of one side or the other on social media – it’s essential that you take professional advice and educate yourself about the consequences of criticising ISRAEL or ISIS.

So here is a short guide to help you decide:




We hope this helps.

Keep this simple guide handy – you’ll find it works for all kinds of conflicts involving others such as HAMAS, US, RUSSIA, NATO, SYRIA, UKRAINE etc.


Violation of human rights is not a zero-sum game or a binary argument.


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