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At least 16 people – including a one-year-old baby and other young children – have been killed after a primary school in northern Manchester was destroyed in a missile attack, officials said on Thursday.

According to UK press sources, another 200 people – including children, parents and school staff – were wounded in the attack which military sources said was targeting terrorists operating from the school playground.

Among the dead was a mother and her one-year-old baby from Chorlton. School staff say they had been attempting to organise the school’s evacuation to the nearby City of Salford when the attack took place.

The UK Prime Minister David Cameron urged “ restraint” and asked for all sides in the conflict to avoid civilian casualties in the ongoing action against terrorists in Manchester schools.

Mr Cameron also said the UK government was doing everything it could to avoid more bloodshed of British school children by backing a UN resolution aimed at tackling the ongoing crisis.

The attack comes not long after a group of four ruthless 8-year old terrorists were successfully targeted in an operation aimed at eliminating terrorist cells operating from a beach in the Margate area.


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