(not satire – it’s the Murdoch press)

The Times Foreign Correspondent Tom Coghlan recently wrote an article accompanied by a photograph which purported to show Shia militia fighters executing Sunnis in Iraq:

Iraq death squads target Sunni victims by name

In fact the original photograph was half-inched by the Times from the LiveLeaks.com website – and actually shows Sunni militia fighters from ISIS executing Iraqi soldiers (scroll down to see the same photo):

Irak – new photos of the Islamic State near Diyala

To add insult to injury The Times didn’t even bother to translate the Arabic caption which would have shown their story was wrong: “Elimination of several individuals of the army of Dajjal in the City of Nahiya

(Dajjal is a derogatory term: see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masih_ad-Dajjal – used in this case to refer to the Iraqi army)

Time was that the Times newspaper was universally respected for high quality journalism.

That was until Murdoch got his hands on it and turned it into little more than a posh version of the Sun – with the same lack of journalistic integrity and casual adherence to truth.

But you’d think Murdoch would be able to invest at least a tiny part of his $14.3 billion fortune in an Arabic translator and a few decent journalists at his so-called flagship title.


Big thanks to Miqdaad Versi for the heads up on the photograph and the Arabic translation.

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