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(not satire – it’s the coalition government!)

In early 2013, I wrote this satirical blogpost which went a bit viral:

ATOS declare Richard III fit for work

But now it seems the reality of Iain Duncan Smith’s incompetence is finally outdoing satire.

Because the Department for Work and Pensions have assessed a man as being unfit for work despite the fact he has been dead for 4 months:

Dead man declared ‘unfit for work’

And sadly, according to his widow, it was the stress of the benefits process which killed Mr Shawcross.

A process which was put into place by Iain Duncan Smith despite countless warnings that it was flawed, unworkable and likely to result in the misery, hardship and even the deaths of sick and disabled people.

So I suppose this isn’t really just a case of mere incompetence on the part of Iain Duncan Smith and the DWP at all.

More a case of manslaughter.


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