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The Conservative Party has admitted it ‘lost’ Leon Brittan somewhere in the House of Lords after it was revealed the former Tory Home Secretary took no action on a dossier he was handed in the 1980s about alleged paedophiles at Westminster.

At first, Tory Party leaders issued a statement in which they admitted they had received a “substantial bundle” of a Home Secretary in 1983 but since then they claim they have no idea what has happened to him.

Substantial Home Secretary “lost”

However, a spokesperson for the Conservatives then issued a further statement on Wednesday morning, saying:

In the last few days we have been alerted to a Home Office independent review conducted last year into what happened to Leon Brittan and the review found that Lord Brittan had most likely been lost somewhere in the corridors of power.

However, a lawyer representing alleged victims of abuse relating to the Westminster claims, condemned the failure to keep track of the Home Secretary:

My clients are incredulous at how a huge man like Mr Brittan can have simply disappeared. It seems inconceivable that a Conservative peer of such importance and girth can have simply disappeared.

Big members in parliament

The disappearance of Mr Brittan comes not long after Liberal Democratic party officials denied any knowledge of the existence of Cyril Smith.

A spokesman for the Liberal Democrats issued a detailed statement to the press last week explaining the party’s response to allegations that for decades Lib Dem leaders had turned a blind eye to accusations of paedophilia by the former Liberal Party MP for Rochdale:

Cyril who?” it said.


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