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A spine-chilling photograph of a ghost has been discovered which appears to show the face of a woman reflected in the door of number 10 Downing street.

The eerie image was captured while David Cameron and his coalition partner Nick Clegg were waving to press photographers outside the prime minister’s residence:

raynor cameron 1

If the picture is enlarged, the face of a woman can be clearly seen in a reflection in the door of number 10:

Rayner Cameron 2

If the picture is enlarged further the face becomes clearer:

Rayner cameron 3

It looks a lot like agony aunt and NHS campaigner Claire Rayner who died at the age of 79 in 2010:

Raynor cameron 4

Now why on earth would Clare Rayner be haunting David Cameron*?



*Clare Rayner’s last words before she died were: ‘tell Cameron if he screws up my beloved NHS I’ll haunt him’.

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