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(not satire – it’s the UK today)

Hang on to your hats – here’s an example of government incompetence and downright corruption that’s so extreme it’s bordering on the surreal.

In 2011, the coalition government asked French firm STERIA to set up a £116m IT programme to help run staffing, procurement and payroll services for 90,000 civil servants.

But now the coalition government has decided to write off £56m of taxpayers’ money after the project was deemed to be late, over budget and obsolete.

Another IT project has been set up in its place outsourced to another private firm called Shared Services Connected Limited.

Which is 75% owned by STERIA.

In other words. The government have written off a failed project run by a private firm (STERIA) and decided to hand it over to another company (STERIA) owned by the same firm (STERIA).

And on top of that – STERIA have decided to outsource British jobs to India, Poland and Morocco.

Obviously, this shipping of British jobs abroad should be a big scandal. But it won’t be.

It should also be something both the Right and Left are united in condemning. But it won’t be.

It won’t be for the simple fact that – with the exception of the unions involved – very few people seem to know anything at all about it.

Obviously, if Cameron and co outsourcing British jobs abroad at taxpayers’ expense were ever to become front page news – it could be extremely damaging for the governing parties at the next election.

So better keep it to ourselves then.


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