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(not satire – it’s David Cameron!)

Just days after David Cameron denounced Jean-Claude Juncker’s nomination for the top job in Brussels as a “bad day for Europe”, the UK prime minister has personally called the incoming EU Commission to congratulate him and assure him that he can “can do business with” him:

Cameron junker tweet

Just in case there are any journalists struggling to find words to explain this extraordinary backtracking on Cameron’s part – here’s a little list of nouns and verbs I’ve compiled to help them out:

brownnoser (noun)
sycophant, toady, ass-kisser, backscratcher, backslapper, bootlicker, brownnose, doter, fawner, flunky, kowtower, lackey, minion, yes-man

bootlick (verb)
coax; flatter, beguile, brownnose, butter up, crawl, entice, fawn, grovel, inveigle, kowtow, make up to, oil, rub the right way, soft-soap, stroke, suck up to, sweet-talk, sweeten up, toady, wheedle


Hope that helps.


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