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Former prime minister Tony Blair has called for tough military action against Tory MP Crispin Blunt who he claims is hiding weapons of mass destruction – including chemical and biological agents – in a wardrobe at his home in Reigate.

Mr Blair warned of the urgent need for air strikes against Mr Blunt’s wardrobe after the publication of a letter signed by Mr Blunt calling for the former UK prime minister to be sacked as Middle East envoy.

Mr Blair said a 50-page report – based on intelligence and United Nations inspectors’ reports – clearly showed a sophisticated weapons of mass destruction programme was “active, detailed and growing” in a wardrobe in Mr Blunt’s guest bedroom.

Mr Blair’s dossier claims Blunt has:

  • Continued to hoard chemical and biological agents under a sink in his kitchen, including Mr Muscle toilet cleaner and Duck Fresh lavender and lemon kitchen wipes.
  • Drawn up military plans for the use of chemical and biological weapons against greenfly and weeds in his garden.
  • Tried to acquire material and technology from the local B&Q for the production of nuclear weapons.
  • Illegally concealed up to 20 al-Hussein missiles from weapons inspectors – with a range of 650km, capable of carrying chemical or biological warheads – by disguising them as garden gnomes.
  • Carried out testing and development of ballistic missiles with a range of more than 1,000km on the 5th of November last year.

Mr Blair also told an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council:

Our case is simply this – the need for urgent military action to ensure the complete dismantling of Mr Blunt is overwhelming.

I defy anyone on the basis of the evidence I have presented on the serious threat posed by Mr Blunt to my business interests to say that is an unreasonable demand for the international community to make.”

US President Barack Obama has already pledged that the US is willing to support the UK in a full ground invasion of Reigate “to disarm Crispin Blunt… before he threatens civilisation“.


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