(not satire – it’s the UK today)

Time was – not that long ago – when firefighters were considered to be heroes.

Now – in miserable coalition Britain – they’re mostly just ignored (although not in Scotland).

That’s probably because firefighters have been loudly speaking out against the coalition government’s cuts to public services, and the UK press – not to mention the political establishment which kowtows to it – doesn’t like it.

That’s why you won’t have heard much in the press about firefighters striking today in England and Wales.

And why you won’t have heard much in the press about firefighters having their pensions stolen from them.

Or the government’s threats to sack long-serving firefighters if they get too old for front-line duty.

Or the ongoing massive redundancies of front-line firefighters.

Or the ongoing closures of fire stations.

Or London’s fire engines being sold off to an Old-Etonian for 2 quid.


Here’s an excellent video explaining why firefighters are on strike today:

Why are firefighters on strike?


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