Western security experts are warning western powers must be prepared to take a military stand against dangerously fundamentalist terrorist ISIS rebels in Iraq in order to support the gains made by brave ISIS freedom fighters in Syria.

The warnings come after cold-blooded terrorist zealots from the fanatically fundamentalist group ISIS made gains in Iraq which could threaten the advances made in neighbouring Syria by heroic ISIS freedom fighters who are bravely fighting to topple President Assad’s brutal dictatorship.

A spokesperson for NATO denied there was confusion within its ranks around its official policy in the Middle East:

NATO’s position is absolutely clear. We are prepared to make a stand against ISIS in Iraq in order to support our ISIS allies in Syria. And ISIS leaders should be absolutely clear that NATO will not hesitate to oppose them with force if necessary in order to support them.

Experts say that western leaders might need to reconsider their policy of destroying Iraq in order to save it from destruction and win over the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people by nuking their country into a modern, stable democratic state instead.


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