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Militant extremists from Department for Education in shocking plot to take over UK schools

An alleged plot to take over some schools in the UK and make them adhere to more fundamentalist principles espoused by the radical hard-line zealot Michael Gove is being investigated, it has emerged.

The National Association of Head Teachers said it had received some anonymous letters in February which claimed that a shadowy extremist Conservative group known as the ‘DfE‘ (Department for Education) was trying to take over UK schools and engineer the sacking of head teachers who did not promote the hard-line radical organisation’s fundamentalist ideals.

A spokesperson for the Home Office said the Home Secretary Theresa May was working night and day and doing everything in her power to eradicate the threat from militant supporters of Gove and was actively exploring ways to deport the head of the ‘DfE’ from the cabinet to prevent him becoming leader of the Conservative Party before she does.


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