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(not satire – it’s the Lib Dems!)

If anyone cared enough to notice, Nick Clegg gave a very clear clue today as to how strongly he feels about Lord Oakeshott’s recent attempts to undermine his leadership.

Here’s what Vince Cable had to say about Oakeshott during Vince’s bizarre joint photo-opportunity with Clegg in a pub today (my bold):

I haven’t been communicating with Lord Oakeshott recently.”

Compare that to what Clegg had to say about the renegade ex-Lib Dem peer, during the same meeting (my bold):

Vince has been very, very clear – he had absolutely no idea what Matthew Oakeshott was getting up to with his polls.


Clegg might be trying to look relaxed about Oakeshott, but I would have thought stripping him of his title is pretty drastic stuff.

Luckily for Oakeshott, traitorous renegade lords are no longer in danger of having their heads cut off and stuck on a spike on London Bridge for upsetting the powers that be.

Or in Clegg’s case, maybe that should be “powers that would like to be – but aren’t“?


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