I have been extremely upset recently to discover some people have been accusing me – and Pride’s Purge – of being prejudiced against UKIP people.

This is not true!

I have always believed everyone is equal and deserves the right to be treated with respect – even people who are UKIP.

In fact some of my best friends are UKIP.

Well, maybe not my best friends but I’ve met a few UKIP people and I can tell you that they are just as normal as other British people and really are no different from the rest of us.

Of course it’s true that I have in the past publicly criticised some UKIP people who refuse to properly integrate into the rest of UK society and prefer to stay in their own UKIP ghettos in places like Hampshire and Oxfordshire.

And it’s true that I have pointed out that many UKIP people – similar to other minorities such as EDL and BNP people – refuse to learn to speak English properly.

And of course we all know that there are some UKIP people who are extremists and have pledged to destroy the very things that have made Britain great – such as tolerance and open-mindedness and compassion.

But just because I have also stated that any Ukippers who don’t want to accept those great British traditions and values should be sent back to 1940s Germany or Italy – categorically does NOT mean I’m prejudiced against UKIP people in any way.

In fact I cannot put into words how absolutely appalled and deeply, deeply shocked I am that anyone could accuse me of such disgusting prejudice.

Provided UKIP people do not try to force their foreign values onto the rest of British society – they are welcome to stay in this country and I’m sure with a lot of effort they too in time could be just as civilised as the rest of us.

Obviously I – like a lot of other British people – have a problem with accepting the idea of UKIP people getting married. But this is because I – like many other British people – think UKIP marriage is the thin end of a wedge.

If we accept UKIP people getting married – what next? Marriage between a man and a dog? A woman and a tree?

But I can categorically state that I AM NOT and have never been prejudiced against anybody who happens to have a different colour rosette than others.

In fact – I once had a girlfriend who wore purple socks.

I hope this message will put to bed once and for all the ridiculous notion that I am in any way prejudiced against people who are UKIP.

Thank you.

Tom Pride


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