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Voters across the width and breadth of Europe are set to reject the European Union after they discovered most of their fellow citizens in the organisation were foreign.

The political earthquake comes after shocking figures revealed the EU is flooded with foreigners – including 89 million Germans who have taken up residence in an area of the continent between France and Poland.

Huge numbers of Italians have also been revealed to be swamping the Italian peninsula and other nationalities are residing legally in the EU, including hordes of Poles in Poland, millions of Hungarians in Hungary and vast amounts of Bulgarians in Bulgaria.

Experts say France has been particularly hard hit by the invasion of foreigners with as many as 67 million French people living there, the majority of whom have full access to health and welfare services provided by the French state.

And in the UK, UKIP leader Nigel Farage expressed his outrage at the number of foreign languages he often hears while travelling by train:

I was on a train in Brussels the other day and all I could hear was French, Flemish and a bit of German – which admittedly was coming from my wife. But the point is not a word of English was being spoken. And even when I went to buy something in a shop in Italy the shop keeper spoke to me in Italian! It’s outrageous.

Stunning victories in European Parliament elections by nationalist and Eurosceptic parties from France and Britain have left the European Union licking its wounds and German leader Angela Merkel pledging to urgently tackle the problem of what to do about her own foreignness.


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