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An obscure pro-Europe political party on the fringe of UK politics known as the ‘Liberal Democrats’ have stunned the political establishment by coming from nowhere and winning a seat at the European elections.

The political earthquake across British politics came as the party – known as the ‘Lib Dems’ to their oddball supporters – stormed to victory in the European elections by winning as much as 6% of the popular vote and even winning a seat in the European parliament.

The Europhile party’s victory marks the first time in modern history that a party led by a convicted arsonist has won a seat at a British national election.

Controversial ‘Lib Dem’ party leader Nicholas William Clegg was convicted in May 2010 of setting fire to his own pants.

The resulting blaze destroyed the country’s much-loved National Health Service as well as doing serious damage to other well-loved national treasures such as higher education, fairness and democracy.



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