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Leading members of UKIP have pledged a total ban on the teaching of children in schools, after the recent local election results revealed that educated voters who knew stuff about things were much less likely to vote for them.

In 2010, UKIP announced it would ban the teaching of climate change if elected, but it now says it will go much further and ban the teaching of knowledge of any kind in schools.

Speaking to the BBC, UKIP education spokesman Derek Clark said:

“If we continue to allow militant teachers in our schools who insist on teaching stuff to our children, it is becoming clear that we will never get enough people to vote for us. Children knowing stuff is very damaging indeed. To our chances of winning elections mainly.

Although scientists are “95%” certain that a good education results in people knowing things, the general public have become more sceptical in recent years, particularly following revelations that some of the stupidest MPs in parliament actually had access to a very good education.

A recent ITV poll found that half of those questioned thought knowledge was something which happened naturally and some UKIP supporters either didn’t know or didn’t believe that human teachers were the cause of education.

However, Dr Eyre, who is also Jackson Senior Research Fellow in Energy at the ECI and Oriel College Oxford, insisted: “Research clearly shows that there is a very strong link between people knowing things and people having an education and anthropogenic acquisition of knowledge is overwhelmingly accepted by the global scientific community to be the cause of people knowing shit about stuff.


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