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(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

Over at Conservative Home, rebellion has been reported to be breaking out in the ranks of the Tory party – particularly from party activists and candidates:

Candidates’ gripes about the call to Newark reveal changes in the way our party campaigns

But what Conservative Home labelled ‘gripes‘ 2 days ago, have turned into what right-wing magazine The Spectator now labels ‘fury‘ after the local elections:

Candidate fury at CCHQ campaign demands

The Spectator illustrates the rebellion rather well by reporting this unprecedented request to Tory Party Chairman Grant Shapps from one party candidate:

 “Shapps can fuck off”

And the following response from Adrian Hilton in response to a request for a meeting on Sunday from Shapps shows rebels are losing their fear of speaking out openly against the party hierarchy:

Dear Mr Shapps,
Thank you for your email requesting that I attend a mandatory meeting on Sunday 25th May at 10.00 am in Newark, which will be followed by delivering. You ask me to write to you personally should I be unable to make this, explaining why. In fact, I will be in church at that time with my family, worshipping God. I know this isn’t as important to you as winning the Newark by-election, but some of us occasionally have other priorities, and, for me, keeping Sunday special is one of them. It used to be a fairly widespread Conservative value, but I’ll quite understand if you and Carlyn Chisholm think this constitutes evidence of my lack of commitment to the Party and decide to remove me from the Approved List. 

Other furious activists are now publicly labelling the once hallowed Tory Candidates’ Department and party chairman as “aloof“, “autocratic“, “indifferent“, “arrogant, discourteous apparatchiks“.

Grassroots rebellion in the normally deferential Tory party is indeed an impressive sight to behold.


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