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A UKIP candidate has been suspended from the party following revelations he was a fully-paid up member of the shadowy far-right organisation the United Kingdom Independence Party.

The suspension comes as UKIP party leader Nigel Farage strongly rejected claims that many of his supporters had far-right links to extremist political parties such as UKIP.

In an interview with the BBC, Farage denied UKIP support was widespread within UKIP and pledged that UKIP would not tolerate any member of UKIP being a member of an openly racist organisation such as UKIP:

I am really sorry that millions of people who have decided to vote UKIP this month have been let down by a few members of UKIP who have been revealed to be members of UKIP. I can assure anyone thinking of voting UKIP that UKIP will do everything in its power to root out the scourge of UKIP from within the ranks of UKIP.”

Although the man has not been identified, due to his right to appeal to UKIP’s national executive committee, another member was suspended recently from UKIP for being a member of UKIP during 2008-2012 while a second had his membership suspended after he was found on several occasions to have donated money to UKIP. UKIP’s constitution bars individuals who have a history of involvement with far right organisations such as UKIP from becoming members.

The Independent and Sky News further observe that another UKIP member was also suspended last week for posting a series of offensive tweets on social media urging people to “Vote UKIP on May 22nd“.


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