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(not satire – it’s the UKIP!)

Isn’t UKIP leader Nigel Farage supposed to love the pound?

He must do because he decided to use it as the logo for his party:

UKIP logoSo why – during his jaunt to the US last year – has Nigel been having cosy dinners and generally hanging out (as our American cousins would say) with a man who not only once but twice tried to trash the pound – once calling sterling a “basket case” – in order to further his personal investments.

Here’s a recent picture of Farage with some of his US pals:

farage and jim rogersThe man on the far left (!) is Ron Paul (a man who is so right-wing he’s known in the US as the Godfather of the Tea Party). But even more interestingly the man second on the right with the pink top is billionaire investor James Beeland Rogers, Jr. – co-founder with George Soros of the Quantum Fund.

The Quantum Fund became famous in 1992 for supposedly “breaking” the Bank of England and Rogers and Soros reportedly made billions by betting against Sterling, eventually forcing the devaluation of the pound.

Rogers also tried the same trick in 2010 (but failed) by publicly calling the pound ‘ a basket case’ of world currencies – hoping the subsequent run on Sterling would again make him billions.

Amazingly, it’s been reported in the US that pound-loving Farage has been seen having dinner with pound-trashing Rogers and Paul.

Call me old-fashioned – but I would have thought someone who loved the pound as much as Farage would avoid socialising with people who regularly go out of their way to trash his beloved Sterling for personal gain.

But there again, maybe Farage doesn’t love the pound quite as much as he loves furthering his own political career?

What do you think?


A very big thanks to Lorraine Chaplin for the heads up on this.


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