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The leader of a right-wing German anti-immigration party Adolf Hitler has strongly denied having fascist views, claiming racist comments attributed to him on Facebook and Twitter about Jews and other ethnic minorities were the result of hackers trying to smear his name.

The leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party also claims his comments posted online in which he suggested a ‘Final Solution‘ to eradicate the entire Jewish population of Europe by building a network of death camps in order to industrialize the mass slaughter of non-ethnic German minorities were taken out of context.

In a statement on his personal blog, party spokesman Dr. Joseph Goebbels said the party leader’s account had been “hijacked but he confirmed the controversy would not deter the party from continuing to make a stand against an open-door policy of immigration.

In his blogpost, Dr Goebbels said:

The National Socialist Party is absolutely not a Nazi party and we have a strict policy of zero tolerance towards our members expressing any racist, homophobic, or anti-semitic views online or in public. These accusations are clearly the result of a concerted effort to smear the good reputation of our party which is not racist but simply wants to see an end to an open-door policy of immigration in this country.

And in a new development, speaking to the BBC, the leader of the anti-immigration Nazi Party explained that an online photo appearing to show him making a Nazi-style salute in front of hundreds of thousands of adoring fascist followers at a rally in Nuremburg was photoshopped and he was in fact just waving to a friend while on a family holiday in Poland.

Mr Herr Hitler, 56, also said admiring comments posted below a picture widely shared on Twitter showing him being hailed as a fuhrer by elite divisions of fanatical goose-stepping SS foot soldiers were not written by his supporters but by trolls and were the result of his Facebook account being hacked.


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