A well-known racist has denied what he called “shocking” allegations that he once worked on BBC television as Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson.

In a formal statement, the bigot and xenophobe strongly denied he had ever been employed as a presenter by the BBC and labelled the allegations he had once worn bad-fitting jeans in public as “shocking” and “untrue“.

In a video statement released on Twitter, the racist responded to the claims he was Clarkson by saying he was “horrified” that it may have sounded as though he was doing the same job as people like Jimmy Savile:

It is completely untrue that I would ever work for a disgusting organisation like the BBC. Like all proper-minded people I loathe BBC TV presenters. Not just the paedophile ones but the crap ones like Lorne Spicer too.

The controversy comes just days after Jeremy Clarkson said he was “begging forgiveness” that it appeared he had once used the word “tax” live on air but insisted he had actually just about managed to avoid it altogether.


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