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(not satire – it’s the UKIP!)

There’s been some reporting recently in the press about one of UKIP’s main donors Demetri Marchessini expressing objectionable views on homosexuality in a Channel 4 interview.

As news goes, it’s a bit ‘dog bites man’ because we all know UkIppers don’t much like gay people. Or foreigners.

No, for me, the real news was what Demitri had to say about trousers.

For example, Demitri thinks women should be banned from wearing them.

He also reckons that If you’re a Christian woman you can’t be wearing trousers

In fact, UKIP’s Demitri seems a teeny weeny bit obsessed with this whole trousers thing.

He’s even written a whole blogpost about it, in which he argues that women should wear skirts because skirts “give erections“.

Give the blogpost a read. It’s hilarious:


Or at least it would be funny if it hadn’t been written by the major backer of a tinfoil hat political party which for some bizarre reason is leading all the other parties in the polls at the moment.


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