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(not satire – it’s the UK today!)


UPDATE – just got a message from someone who crowdfunded money to help buy a ticket to help her visit her sick daughter. Just want to make it clear – I’m not including asking for donations for things like that in my criticism at all. 

I despair at the increasing number of online activists who are asking people for money in the form of donations or whatever.

I’ve noticed more and more individual people – some of whom are very well known on social media – asking for donations for writing a blog or creating a website or posting videos on Youtube.

Don’t do it guys.

Blogging’s free. Posting videos on Youtube is free. And these days even creating a website and maintaining one is free or at least very, very cheap.

Nobody should be asking for money to do it – no matter who they are.

I know sometimes crowd sourcing money is a valuable way to get projects going – especially expensive ones and I wouldn’t particularly want to criticise that. And sometimes someone asks for money for specific help – I suppose if it’s open and transparent then maybe it’s OK. But you know what? If you really want to help out financially – why not find the hardest-up single parent you know and buy them something they need? Or why not look out for an unpaid carer who cares for a sick relative and give them a treat? You won’t have to look very far to find people like that these days, unfortunately.

Is it only me who worries about this trend? Or do you think I’m wrong to criticise it?

Let me know in the comments below.


PS – Oh and please please please don’t give your money to so-called ‘activists’ like Daily Express journalist Sonia Poulton for posting a few poor quality videos on YouTube. It’s only going directly into the pockets of people like her business partner, convicted car thief Lee Ryan:

Lottery winner Lee Ryan is out of jail and charging 50,000 pounds an interview


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