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Guardian exclusive – Russell Brand writes on how to solve problems of political participation and social exclusion by shagging pop stars


How an Empirical Validation of Intersectionality Helped Me Score with Katy Perry

by Russell Brand

Intersectionality – the notion that subjectivity is constituted by mutually reinforcing vectors of race, gender, class, and sexuality – is a primary theoretical tool which is increasingly being recognised by men themselves as an essential ingredient for hitting home runs with big league American pop stars of their choice.

This awareness is an important part of an increasing recognition that modern-day notions of masculinity in the service of theorizing genderised identities of race and gender as social processes in society are becoming an imperative prerequisite if you’re looking to get a bit of top class rumpy-pumpy with a US superstar.

It has become obvious to most men that critiques of identity politics and a detailed analysis of the assumptions underpinning intersectionality serve a few theoretical and political purposes for both feminist and anti-racist discourse within the overlapping margins of race, class and gender if they ever want to stand even a small chance of getting a bit of nooky from a celebrity bird.

This means that more liberal critiques of identity politics and especially the destabilization of race/gender binaries are particularly important when it comes to getting some hanky panky with a household name.

In short – men urgently need to be more aware of and become an active part of the solution when it comes to real problems of sexual identity and gender politics by taking a more pro-active stance to encourage increased respect of the rights, identity and equality of women if they want to get laid.


Next week – exclusively in the Guardian – Russell Brand explains how the current cultural and political systems which are causing massive social and political exclusion by furthering the augmentation and advantages of economic elites at the expense of oppressed minorities can be overcome by appearing in Katy Perry’s next movie ‘Part of Me 2’.


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