POLICE and emergency services were called to a fire in the Department for Works and Pensions earlier today after reports of a major incident in the vicinity of Mr Iain Duncan Smith’s underpants.

Several fire engines from the London Fire Brigade were quickly on the scene in Westminster after a light blue pair of Y-fronts belonging to the Minister of Work and Pensions caught fire during a parliamentary session and rapidly spread to several parts of the mainstream media, including newspapers and television stations.

A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said:

A major fire in the vicinity of a government minister’s underpants was reported at 10am today. The fire brigade have been informed and are on the scene. The underwear is fully ablaze and has not yet been brought under control and members of the public are warned to avoid the Minister for Work and Pensions at all costs.

This is not the first time a major blaze in Mr Duncan Smith’s underwear has broken out in recent years and experts are warning more needs to be done to prevent any more lives being lost due to inadequate control of dangerously unrestrained government ministers.


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