Following a series of carbon dating and chemical tests, a Harvard professor is claiming a fragment of papyrus – which seemingly mentions that Jesus had a wife called Samantha – is an ancient document and not a forgery.

The eighth-century text is written in Coptic and contains a dialogue in which Jesus seemingly refers to “my wife Samantha” as well as referring to one of his less well-known minor disciples as ‘Nick’.

Karen King, a professor at the Harvard Divinity School, writes in the Harvard Theological Review that the papyrus is almost certainly a product of ancient Christians and suggests that Jesus could well have been the leader of a small and increasingly isolated group of disciples who believed he was able to cure the terminally sick and miraculously provide them with jobs which didn’t exist.

Many critics, however, still remain unconvinced of the authenticity of the claims, saying that Jesus was a figure of huge historical and religious importance and was unlikely to be linked in any way to an out-of-touch twat from Chipping Norton with a red face and a messiah complex.


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