(Not satire. I presume.)

Why is a NATO commanding general following a loopy UK fascist on Twitter?

Although it’s easy to dismiss self-styled UK fascist leader Joshua Bonehill as a loopy fruitcake – he does have nearly 24.5 thousand followers on Twitter, including UKIP and Tory supporters, national journalists and other right-wing fruitcakes.

Bonehill likes to refer to himself as ‘the Glorious Founder‘ and has recently tried to recruit a private army of what he calls the ‘Founderguard‘ – for the personal protection of the ‘leader’.

Bonehill is so off the scale when it comes to right-wing loopiness I’ve always suspected he might secretly be a satirical piss-take of right-wing loopiness.

Unfortunately I think he’s being serious.

Anyway, one of Bonehill’s followers on Twitter is NATO Commanding General John E. Michel.

Perhaps Brigadier General John E. Michel has a refined sense of satirical humour. I hope so.

Or should I be more worried?


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