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(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

Meet Roger Goss from an organisation called Patient Concern:

roger goss

Goss has been popping up all over the news today telling us that allowing women to have better access to the morning-after-pill will promote promiscuity.

Unfortunately for us, Goss is not only co-founder of Patient Concern. He also serves on various Department of Health, NHS and medical Royal College committees and working groups as a ‘respected’ representative of patients’ rights.

That would be our rights.

But Goss doesn’t just seem to have a problem with women patients when it comes to trusting ‘them’ with contraception. He also thinks women don’t make good GPs (in his own words):

……..about half of GPs are women, they only want to work Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

More about that in this excellent blog post on Goss by Margaret McCartney:

Sorry Roger

It seems Mr Goss doesn’t just have a problem with women patients – or with women doctors – but with women in general.

Erm …. can we have a new patients’ representative please?


Incidentally, Goss’s organisation Patient Concern also wins the prize for absolutely worst website design in the whole history of the internet. Take a look. I’m right.


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