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After more than 4 years of marriage to David Cameron, comic actor Nick Clegg has announced he is to separate from reality as part of a process he termed “Conscious Uncoupling“.

Clegg, 47, announced the separation in a statement posted on his blog:

It is with hearts full of sadness that the real world and I have decided to separate,” the Deputy Prime Minister wrote.

A spokeswoman for reality confirmed the split and said that the couple had been “working hard for well over a year” but that the differences between the Deputy Prime Minister and the physical world had “become too big to ignore”.

The announcement comes just 4 years after Clegg unexpectedly announced his intention to desert his senses and abandon all reason by moving in with Cameron – declaring his love for the Tory frontman in their now famous joint ‘rose garden’ press conference surrounded by the romantic smell of mutual sycophancy and the intense aroma of bullshit.

David-Cameron-and-Nick Clegg


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