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(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

This story isn’t new but I feel it needs more traction.

In 2007, two women were driving along an isolated country road when suddenly a car pulled up in front of them blocking their way.

Two men jumped out, ran to the women’s car and started breaking the windows. One of the thugs managed to steal a camera and car keys before one of the women managed to call the police and the men escaped.

The two men were caught the next day by the police.

However, despite being convicted, the violent thieves only received Conditional Discharges and a £350 fine.

Now in a civil case, the two women have finally been awarded compensation for their ordeal – albeit just £8,000 worth of it.

It took the women the best part of 7 years to finally get justice.

Both men are friends of prime minister David Cameron. They are leading members of the Heythrop Hunt in Cameron’s Oxfordshire constituency – which Cameron has ridden with. One of the men is Tory and Countryside Alliance supporter Brian Ferry’s son – Charles Otis Ferry.

Charles – or Otis as he prefers to call himself – was educated at Marlborough public school. The same private school that several Tory MPs and both Cameron’s and George Osborne’s wives attended.

Violent thugs don’t have to come with working class accents and hooded tops.


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