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Pro-hunting Tories are striving to overturn the current laws related to fox hunting so that UKIP voters in rural constituencies can again be pursued by packs of howling Tory attack dogs.

There is said to be rising fury at Westminster over David Cameron’s desire to see MPs vote on an amendment to the nine-year-old law which prohibits UKIP supporters in Tory heartlands being flushed out using more than two ferocious Tory canvassers.

The prime minister is seeking to amend the Hunting Act so that it would allow up to 40 ravenous, baying Tory supporters with bared teeth and dripping saliva to flush out UKIP voters to face a waiting barrage of populist right-wing buckshot discharged in their faces at point blank range.

However, Liberal Democrats say they have strongly pledged to oppose any changes to the Hunting legislation and are therefore expected to vote en-masse for the proposals.


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