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Conservative party chairman Grant Shapps has responded to criticism of his ‘condescending’ bingo and beer poster by saying he loves digging holes just as much as he likes beer and bingo.

In an interview with BBC Radio Cumbria, Mr Shapps said he had no regrets about the poster because he loved digging  – just like “hardworking people” – especially when he is in a really, really deep hole:

I love nothing more than to just keep on digging. I can’t stop, especially when I’m actually in a hole itself. Just like all those salt-of-the-earth, working class people I see through my car window who like to dig holes in the side of the road for a living just before they knock off for the day and stop off for pie, chips and mushy peas and a nice pint down the local pub on their way to a game of bingo.

However, despite Mr Shapps saying he was proud of his graphic praising the the budget – which delivered a tax cut for the bingo industry and took a penny off beer duty – experts disagree on whether the amount of rope Mr Shapps has given himself is anywhere near long enough yet for all reasonable intents and purposes.


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