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For most politicians, the occasional loss of an election shouldn’t be seen as anything more than a minor inconvenience. It’s most likely caused by stress, too much alcohol or not really being in the mood for intimate contact with the electorate. In these cases the problem is nothing to worry about and things should soon resolve themselves.

But for most Lib Dems, experiencing problems with consistent loss of elections is becoming more and more a way of life. In fact, experts estimate election problems will affect approximately 80% of Lib Dems locally, and up to 75% of Lib Dems nationally.

But don’t worry! Help is on its way.

All you need is just one hour and a half session of my ‘Lib Dem Personal Election Plan‘*:

Lib Dem election problems



* Step 1 (and the only step) of the ‘Lib Dem Personal Election Plan’ involves party members publicly nailing Nick Clegg’s scrotum to the floor in a show of remorse. That should do it.


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