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(not satire – it’s Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson!)

Boris Johnson’s deputy mayor for policing and crime, Stephen Greenhalgh, said yesterday that he was ‘pleased’ rape is on the rise in London:

Crime chief ‘pleased’ rape on the rise in Camden

Of course, he meant he was pleased reporting of rape cases is going up – although that’s hardly a matter for celebration either. But his careless use of words is indicative of the casual way politicians in general regard crimes of this nature.

Also indicative of this careless attitude is the fact Greenhalgh is asking for water cannon to be given to police in London, arguing the Met needs these ‘tools for the job’ of fighting crime.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I know there has not been one recorded case of the police preventing rape or catching a rapist with a water cannon.

And Boris and Greenhalgh’s plans to close 63 police front counters won’t help fight crimes like rape either.


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