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Shock as survey reveals 100% of unborn babies born to immigrants spend as long as 9 months in the womb without a job 

The Conservative Party has announced if it wins the next election it will cut the period of time babies spend in a woman’s womb before being born from 9 months to 4 months in an effort to save money and cut the national deficit.

The plans – which also include a pledge to reduce the time immigrant babies to the UK spend in gestation to as little as 3 months – are part of a series of proposals announced by the Tories designed to encourage women to spend less time being pregnant and more time at work.

However, critics say the plans do not go far enough and politicians should do more to further restrict the period of time migrant women from Bulgaria and Romania in particular spend carrying babies in their wombs before they are born.

In an interview with the BBC, the Work and Pensions Secretary Mr Iain Duncan Smith defended the proposals, saying Britain could no longer afford the luxury of unborn babies being expected to be carried around doing nothing for substantial periods of time:

“For too long, especially under the previous Labour government, women were allowed to spend as long as 9 months being pregnant. It is clear that at a time of great austerity, something has to be done to tackle this feeling of entitlement by many women to long periods of time gestating children.

The proposals come not long after shocking government figures revealed as many as 100% of 2-year olds in the UK have never been in training, education or work.


Happy Women’s Day.

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