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(not satire – it’s the UKIP!)

I’ve written before about how few things annoy me more than UKIP members pretending to support free speech when in fact they’re mostly just a bunch of old-fashioned authoritarians.

So not much surprise from me to find out the party is trying desperately to ban a satirical comedy show because it has the audacity to take the pee out of them:

UKIP tries to shut down comedy tour

Lacking any actually good reasons to ban the tour by Jonny and the Baptists, UKIP deputy party leader Paul Nuttall has taken to spreading lies about the show being funded by the taxpayer via the Arts Council – which it isn’t:

Taxpayer-funded anti-UKIP tour slammed

But just to pile on the hypocrisy even further, this blatant attempt at censorship of satirical comment comes just a few days after UKIP leader Nigel Farage defended a comedian at a UKIP event who had been criticised for telling racist jokes.

About that, Farage said:

We are heading down a road here where we would kill all humour in this country if we tear things to pieces. Enough is enough, let people tell their jokes.”

So Farage thinks people should be free to tell their jokes?

But obviously not if the jokes are on UKIP, eh Nigel?


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