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(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

The Ukraine crisis illustrates the folly of Cameron’s mad dash to hive off essential UK infrastructure to Russia and China

In 2011, the Prime Minister David Cameron – accompanied by British Petroleum’s chief executive Bob Dudley – met Russia’s then Prime Minister Putin to agree a contract which would allow Russia’s Gazprom to supply 20 per cent of Britain’s gas.

This resulted in an agreement to allow the Russians to become the UK’s second-biggest supplier of gas after British Gas:

BP in secret talks with Gazprom to pipe Russian gas supply to Britain by 2016

This was part of a policy by the Lib Dem/Tory coalition government to hand over large parts of the UK infrastructure to foreign investors such as Russia and China.

I’ve already flagged how dangerous this policy might be. China is a brutal dictatorship, Russia is barely democratic run by corrupt mafia interests and neither have the best interests of UK citizens at heart:

Never mind the EU – how about a referendum on loss of UK sovereignty to China?

Cameron, Clegg and their ilk of course don’t care about that. All they care about is making as much profit as possible for their corporate friends.

The present unfolding crisis in Ukraine shows just what a folly the government’s policy has been.

Putin can do what he likes now. All he has to do is to threaten to turn off the tap.


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