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(not satire)

Meet Ben Byarabaha – he’s the editor of Ugandan newspaper Red Pepper Uganda which has put 200 innocent Ugandan citizens’ lives at risk by publicly naming them as homosexual – in a country which has just passed a law making homosexuality illegal:


Ben doesn’t like gay people. He thinks they should be lynched.

He also doesn’t like people who have oral sex. He thinks they should be arrested and put in prison too just like gay people:

red pepper oral sex

It’s tempting to say Mr Byarabaha is prejudiced, badly educated or narrow minded. But after reading his opinions and seeing his actions I’ve come to the conclusion he’s not.

He’s just plain evil.

(Oh and I hear he might be secretly gay too.)


Ben Byarabaha is on Facebook – Ben Byarabaha 

And here’s Red Pepper Uganda’s Facebook page  – RED Pepper UG

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