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Our fearless reporter, Tom Pride, has managed to hack into Rupert Murdoch’s private cell phone and record this remarkable conversation between Nick Clegg and Rupert Murdoch.

Here’s the transcript of their conversation in full:

Clegg: Hi Rupert. It’s Nick.

Murdoch: Nick who?

Clegg: Nick Clegg.

Murdoch: Give me a clue.

Clegg: Deputy Prime Minister.

Murdoch: Which country?

Clegg: The UK.

Murdoch: Oh, right. What is it Nick? I’m busy.

Clegg: Just a quick one.

Murdoch: I’m Rupert, not Rebekah.

Clegg: Oh yes, very good, very droll. Just wanted to run something past you.

Murdoch: I’m waiting.

Clegg: OK. Well, you know you’ve been getting advice from former and present prime ministers on how to deal with the hacking scandal?

Murdoch: I’m still waiting.

Clegg:  I wondered if maybe you might like me to give you a bit of advice, you know, with me being Deputy Prime Minister and all, you know in exchange for a bit of positive coverage in your media outlets?

Murdoch: No. Can I go now?

Clegg: Yes yes, of course. But If you ever need any advice……

Murdoch: F*ck off Nick.

Clegg: OK, Rupert, will do, thank you for your time and I’d just like to ……



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