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He was only 4 years old but Nick the bright yellow Flappy Bird had to go. Despite a campaign to save him, he shot himself in the head, was dissected in public and fed to the lions.

Officials outlined the reasons for his death as a lack of competence and the need to comply with European rules on in-breeding of right-wing political parties. The yellow bird had to be put down after exhibiting extreme flappiness during the recent sexual harassment crisis in its ranks, they stressed.

Lib Dem flappy bird killed

A dying yellow flappy bird 

After the shooting, there was a public carving up and dissection of the bird’s carcass.

A British zoo had offered to give Nick a home and an online petition demanding Mr Clegg had his scrotum nailed to the floor before being killed resulted in more than 250,000 signatures.

Instead he will be fed to the lions during the next general election which are due to take place in May 2015.


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