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Department for Work and Pensions considers privatisation of OAPs as part of search for savings.

The government is considering saving money by privatising state pensioners, according to Whitehall documents seen by Pride’s Purge.

In an effort to make up billions more in austerity savings, the Department for Work and Pensions has initiated a review of how it could sell off millions of pensioners and other social security claimants in the UK.

In a frank assessment, a policy review document distributed to senior civil servants in January says ministers and civil servants now need to “consider some more strategic shifts” such as looking at how state pensioners and other state benefit claimants can be removed in order to meet demands by the chancellor, George Osborne, to drastically cut their numbers. 

Options mentioned in the document include selling off the over-65s to private equity firms, allowing foreign investors to buy up surplus old people in order to shift them abroad as well as the issuing of licences to farmers to allow them to cull pensioners in areas of the country with excess numbers of senior citizens.


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