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The Liberal Democrats are thought to be planning to adopt a new ‘one member, one vote‘ system for the only remaining member of the party left after it is completely wiped out at the 2015 election.

Urgent plans to reform the voting system are expected to go before the party’s national executive committee this weekend after the current rules were deemed to be unworkable for a party which is very soon expected to have only Nick Clegg remaining as a member.

Under the proposals, the one member will get a single vote in choosing himself as the leader, but so will a new class of so-called associate members, who will be picked up off the street and paid a membership fee of £3 a year to ensure Nick Clegg at least has someone else to talk to at the party’s National Executive Meeting.

Under the new proposals, Liberal Democrat MPs and MEPs – who collectively at present also have a majority of the votes in leadership elections – will be relegated to a diminished role of looking for other jobs after they have been unceremoniously turfed out of office by an electorate angry at their complete lack of integrity, principles and balls.

However, some senior Lib Dem party figures – notably the current party leader Nick Clegg – are concerned Mr Clegg will be free to use his power to challenge himself for the leadership and have proposed giving him an automatic right to stand against himself in any future leadership election.


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