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Don’t miss the brand new series of RAINBOW – a new production of tall tales, stories and lies from the Liberal Democratic Party with all your favourite characters!

Lib Dem Rainbow


Nick Clegg as BUNGLE – he’s such a bungler he’ll bungle anything!

clegg rainbow

Mike Hancock as ZIPPY – everyone wishes he’d just zip himself up!

mike hancock rainbow

Chris Rennard as George the Cuddly Pink Hippo – all he wants is a kiss, a cuddle and a fondle!

chris rennard rainbow

Cyril Smith as ‘Uncle’ Geoffrey – Watch out! He’ll spank your bottom if you’re naughty!

cyril smith rainbow



Please feel free to comment. But please spare me the comments about not taking the subject of sexual abuse and harassment seriously enough. If you think that, then you clearly don’t understand what this blog is about. Thank you.


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Please feel free to comment.