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(not satire – it’s the Lib Dems!)

A Liberal Democrat councillor has accused a Welsh National Assembly member who got caught up in deadly clashes between riot police and protesters in Kiev as being ‘on a Jolly‘.

While in Ukraine as part of a European Union Committee of the Regions delegation, Welsh Assembly Member Mick Antoniw witnessed first-hand the violent crackdown on protesters by riot police:

Ukraine protests: Mick Antoniw AM witnesses country ‘spiralling out of control’ and risks civil war during visit to capital Kiev

In response, Liberal Democrat County Councillor Mike Powell tweeted criticism of Mr Antoniw‘s visit by accusing him of being ‘on a Jolly‘:

on a jolly in Kiev

If Cllr Mike Powell sees the protests in Ukraine as a Jolly – where at least 3 people have so far died and hundreds injured – I wonder how he sees the civil war in Syria?

A bloody good knees-up?


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