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(not satire – it’s the Lib Dems!)

Hot on the heels of allegations that Lib Dem peer Lord Rennard sexually harassed women, the Liberal Democrats are desperately trying to suppress a report into an equally damaging second sexual harassment case.

An independent report into allegations that Lib Dem MP and Portsmouth councillor Mike Hancock (he has since resigned the party’s parliamentary whip over the allegations) sexually harassed a woman constituent concluded that Hancock behaved in an “irresponsible and damaging way”.

Staying true to the Lib Dems’ claim that they are the true party of open government, the report was immediately hidden from public view and a copy which was requested by the alleged victim of Hancock’s harassment had large parts redacted by party officials.

But as if all that was bad enough, Lib Dem run Portsmouth City Council is now using local taxpayers’ money to fight a demand in a High Court case to reveal the full contents of the report.

Here’s the full story from the Portsmouth News:

Portsmouth City Council to appeal bid to release QC’s report into Mike Hancock’s conduct

Boy there must be something in that report the Lib Dems really really really don’t want us to see.


Thanks to Philip Walker for the heads up on this.


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