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(not satire – it’s the Lib Dems!)

Lib Dem peer attacks ‘secret justice’ for fellow peer Lord Rennard but backs it for everyone else

Liberal Democrat peer Lord Carlile has been protesting loudly and bitterly in the media today about the fact that Lord Rennard – who was accused of sexually harassing several women – will not be able to see the report containing the allegations against him:

“This report has been refused to Lord Rennard and to me as his legal representative which is a fundamental breach of the rules of natural justice.

We’ve been refused the report and we’ve been told that we shall never see this report.

How can Chris Rennard be expected to respond to something he has not seen?”

Which is all a bit strange really.

Because just last year Lord Carlile was arguing strongly in favour of the government’s secret courts legislation, which allows secret court hearings to take place in which people will also not be able to see the allegations against them.

Perhaps Lord Carlile thinks only Lib Dem Lords of the Realm should be subject to laws of natural justice?


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