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The educational elite is indoctrinating the young into thinking about things – and Education Secretary Michael Gove must be allowed to change it.

by the Daily Telegraph Chief Education Correspondent

Michael Gove is right.

Consciously or subconsciously, the educational elite in UK schools indoctrinates a generation of young people into thinking too much about things instead of listening to what our Education Secretary has to say about them.

The dominance of thinking in British schools is deep-rooted and for all to see, especially when it comes to the teaching of history, and must be rooted out.

The uncomfortable truth is that the majority of teachers and lecturers in the UK are rabidly open-minded thinkers and they think nothing of indoctrinating children into dangerously autonomous consideration of thought to match their own outrageously intelligent outlook on society.

This brainwashing of our children into developing damaging habits of free will and critical open-minded thinking about things must be stopped immediately before we breed a generation of young people who will think nothing of not voting Conservative.

It’s time good old-fashioned bludgeoning of autonomous thought and traditional methods of teaching state school children to know their place prevailed once again in British schools!


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